Perth Family Law Child Abduction

August 12, 2014 – at 3:42 am – by Bodekers Family Lawyers
Child Recovery

Parental child abduction refers to when a parent takes, detains, or conceals a child from the other parent.Parental child abduction may occur in circumstances where parents are separated. It is not uncommon for other family members to assist the abducting parent in the process of abducting the child.

In some child abduction cases a parent abducts a child who is the subject of custody orders by the Family Court. This may be done in contravention of custody orders made by the Family Court.   the children may become subject to a recovery order to return the children.

A recovery order can authorise or direct a person or persons, such as police officers, to take appropriate action to find, recover and deliver a child to a person ordered by the Family Court.

If you consider that your child is at risk of child abduction, that is that a parent or other party is a flight risk to your child, you should contact us immediately. Given the urgency surrounding these cases it is best to contact us via email setting out as many of the background facts as possible.

At Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators we have been practising in child abduction for many years.

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