Mediation and Mediation Style Conferencing

August 12, 2014 – at 3:43 am – by Bodekers Family Lawyers
Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators have expanded their Perth mediation family law practice to focus on mediating family law matters with our professional guidance and support. We welcome you to attend mediation or mediation style conferencing to resolve your family law dispute or problems without protracted and expensive family court litigation. Enjoy our relaxing mediation facilities between the river and the sea while you are guided by very experienced family law advice and knowledge to reach your legal solutions to your family law problems rather than having the Family Court provide their orders for your family law matters. Early mediation can assist you in resolving your family law problems without the expense, delay and emotional stress involved in lengthy litigation. Mediation does not mean depriving yourself of what you are entitled to. It does mean that a just and equitable solution created by you will be reached. It does usually mean avoiding delays and expense associated with protracted litigation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution which aims to assist two (or more) persons such as a separating husband and wife or other family members such as grandparents to solve their own legal problems and reach an agreement or decision together. When an agreement is reached in mediation orders can be made in the terms agreed upon between the parties and carefully drafted by our experienced family lawyers so that you can have peace of mind that the orders will be made (and therefore can be enforced as necessary) rather than having the uncertainty of an agreement without certainty. Agreement reached can be file in The Family Court of Western Australia without the need for you to attend court at all. Let us explain this process to you. In summary, the agreement reached in mediation can be made into court orders such as orders made in the Family Court of Western Australia so that couples going through separation or divorce can feel secure knowing their agreement is supported by a court order. In financial matters this can reduce the risk of one party wanting to alter the agreement later on. Meditations are generally conducted by a nationally accredited mediator in a special mediation suite and the parties are usually but not always represented by a lawyer. Our preference is often for mediators who are also senior family lawyers and who are trained and accredited with the Australian Institute of Family Lawyers and Mediators (AIFLAM). Mediators use appropriate techniques and/or skills to open and/or improve communications between divorcing or separating husbands and wives or de facto couples. The family law decisions made in mediation can relate to the care of children (child custody), the division of property following divorce and/or separation (property settlement), the support of a spouse (spousal maintenance), child support (child maintenance), adult child support (support of children going through university and the like), relocation (the proposed relocation of one parent to another country) and other areas of family law. We have helped many families  by conducing many mediations, mediation style conferences and informal conferences where we have assisted separating couples to reconcile their family law differences to reach an amicable property settlement and family law agreement. Even the most complex of family matters can be and are resolved through mediation with the careful guidance of very experienced family lawyers. Our mediation suite in Perth is based in Cottesloe, Western Australia and is available for other mediators and parties who want to solve their own legal problems to use and we encourage community groups and businesses including not for profit organisations to inquire. Our staff at Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators are committed to mediation and alternative dispute resolution as we believe it is a cost effective, low conflict and discrete way to resolve legal issues and make family law decisions without the stress, delay and embarrassment that can be caused by litigating in the Family Court. We look forward to receiving your inquiry regarding mediation, alternative dispute resolution and/or informal family law conferences. Or call us on (08) 9323 7711 to speak about mediation.