Recent Testimonials

Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators pride ourselves on delivering the best possible legal service for our clients.

From the reception to the whole firm, honestly it has been courteous, professional, understanding, compassionate, empathetic all the descriptions you could find to describe really the attitude of the office here and carrying someone at the hardest time of their life with a lifesaving ring.S, PERTH

I can still remember the day I walked into Shannon Bodeker’s offices and the sense of reassurance I had knowing I was in the right place. Professional and sensitive to the situation Shannon, provided me with options and detailed information relating to my personal matter. Both yourself and your supporting team have ensured that this experience was a smooth process during a very trying time.– H, PERTH

I would just like to say a big thank you to you Shannon and your team for helping this process go through so smoothly. I move out this weekend and start living life again, so thank you to you both for making this possible so quickly. – S, PERTH

Thank you Shannon for all your help in my divorce. I can’t imagine what I would have done without your legal knowledge and emotional support. It was a great help to know that I had a team of experts at my back! – V, PERTH

It was my good fortune that I was able to engage Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators. They gave me a great deal of confidence that the matter would be handled expertly. I am very happy with the outcome. – Y, USA

Just a brief note to say a huge thank you for your absolute professional handling of the proceedings yesterday in court. She is so relieved with the outcome which will now lead to further permanent outcomes of separation and final divorce. She is so relaxed in your presence as she has such trust and confidence in your commitment to her well-being. We both believe you are ‘awesome’ and we are privileged to have you as our lawyer. Thank you again, from very grateful parents. – V & S, PERTH

Hi Shannon – I’m sitting here in my room going over my life. Analysing myself. I’ve started a new career & I’m feeling very internally calm and content. I haven’t felt like this in years – since we first met. I’ve been to some low places inside as a man Shannon – places I never thought this man was capable of visiting. I was lost in my pain & I forget how to take stead in the little things – the things that really matter. I forgot how lucky I am. How lucky I am to have been surrounded by not only the people that love me but also the people who were best for me, even when I couldn’t see it. There were times as a client I’m certain I frustrated you Shannon – for this I apologise. I would like to thank you Shannon from the bottom of my heart. You are the best and exactly what I needed – what was required. I’m very sorry for the hour of this message but I’m thinking of you and need to express this now. I believe balance has been achieved and all is as it should be. Yourself, Ben and office were a huge part of this and we thank you – sincerely. I’ll never forget you Shannon. You will reside in a place in my heart and mind forever. – B, TOM PRICE