Harvard – Advanced Training in Negotiation & Mediation

Shannon will attend Harvard University in 2014 for the Negotiation and Leadership excecutive leadership course.

The course examines core decision-making challenges, analyzes complex negotiation scenarios, and provides a range of competitive and cooperative negotiation strategies. The course aims to allow participants to:

    • Gain a better understanding of different negotiation and decision-making strategies
    • Learn to recognize the most common manipulative tactics used by difficult people along with strategies for neutralizing their effects.
    • Examine ways to structure the bargaining process to accommodate joint problem solving, brainstorming, and collaborative fact-finding.
    • Learn how to evaluate a best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA), create a zone of possible agreement (ZoPA), and implement the mutual gains approach to negotiation.
    • Be enabled to determine which approach is most appropriate in a given situation.
    • Be able to think more clearly, make smarter moves, and set the stage for more productive negotiations.

This course is run by Harvard Law School. Read more about the program on negotiation

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