National Family Law Conference October 2014

In October 2014 our Legal Practitioner Director will attend The National Family Law Conference in Sydney and upon return will

disseminate and discuss the various papers with our group of highly skilled family lawyers and mediators.

This prestigious event was first attended by our Legal Practitioner Director in 1996.

Papers of special interest this year include: the voice of children in family law;

relocation;the art of advocacy; binding financial agreements; special skills and the marriage partnership; alignment and attachment of children as to how this relates to family law; and international child abduction.

The expertise we gain from attending ongoing professional development enables us to provide our clients with the latest in legal advice so as to facilitate an early and cost effective resolution in their family law matters and avoiding where practical the unnecessary emotional and financial expense associated with proceeding to a family court trial.

We are committed to attending an extraordinary level of mediation, negotiation and family law seminars and conferences and carefully studying the most recent law and developments in family law, mediation and negotiation.