Special Skills and Family Law in Large Asset Pools – Perth Family Law

Is it because of your special skills and hard work that you have accumulated the wealth you deserve?

Do you think your special skills and/or contributions to the acquisition of your matrimonial or defacto assets warrant you receiving more of the asset pool after divorce and/or property settlement in family law and mediation?

Would you like to know the cutting edge family law in Perth, Western Australia and in Australia on special skills and contributions?

This may enable you to  use your  knowledge to negotiate and mediate a just and equitable outcome after separation and /or divorce and avoid the embarrassing, emotional, time consuming, stressful and expensive alternative of litigating to a trial in The Family Court of Western Australia.

We welcome you to email us a background as to why your skills and/or contributions are superior together with any other relevant facts and documents  which we will read and discuss with our group of family lawyers on a no charge basis prior to your attendance.