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Are you having difficulty managing your family law legal costs?
Does your ex have access to all the funds and assets of the marriage therefore depriving you of legal representation?
Is it unfair because your ex can afford family law representation and family lawyers and mediators and you can’t?
The Family Court of Western Australia can make orders giving you money to run your family law legal proceeding and to cover your family law expenses.
These orders can be called interim costs orders, orders for interim provision for litigation expenses, dollar for dollar orders, Zschokke orders and security for costs family court orders.
To see if you are able to receive money from the other side to pay for your family law fees and your family lawyers contact us for the very latest in this area of Perth family and divorce law.
It is extremely important that you seek advice and representation from highly skilled and very experienced family lawyers who are dedicated to staying up to date with the very latest in Perth family law.