Lotto Wins, Inheritances and Windfalls After Separation

The husband appealed and was not successful in a recent lotto case.
The marriage was 20 years long.
The wife won $6 million 6 months after separation.
The trial judge at first instance, which means in the trial before the appeal found the husband had made no contribution to the lotto winnings.
On appeal, the husband argued that the Court at first instance was incorrect.
The husband presented legal argument regarding the source of the funds and argued that the court failed to take into account the husband’s initial contributions.

The Full Court did not consider the source of the funds to be as relevant as the husband did.
When the wife bought the ticket, the parties had commenced the process of leading ‘separate lives’, including separate financial lives.
That very important fact was critical in this decision.
This is a case summary only and does not constitute legal advice but it does indicate that when one party receives a lotto win, an inheritance or a similar windfall post separation then it becomes a relevant part of the family law case.
Family law is very complex so when selecting your family lawyer they need to be very experienced in family law and the family law firm needs to be long established.