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In a 15 year relationship the husband inherited about $3 million from the estate of his father who died just before the parties’ separated.

The Full Court awarded the wife 47.5 % of a 7.4 million dollar property pool (which included the inheritance her husband received) based on her superior contributions during the marriage.

The parties had two children aged 13 and 10.

Both parties worked for periods through the marriage although the wife made more contributions during the marriage.

The wife assumed the majority of care for the children after separation.

The first judge, being the trial judge found the wife was entitled to a 20 per cent share of the husband’s inheritance .

The trial judge found the wife’s entitlement was because of her contributions over the four years since separation when she had assumed primary responsibility for the care of the children.

The Full Court found that the trial judge erred in only looking at four years of the wife’s contributions to the children rather than across their 15 year relationship.

They took a more global approach when altering the property interests of the parties.

The Full Court on appeal said “ Despite the timing of the receipt of the inheritance we consider that over this long marriage a global approach is appropriate”.

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