Permission to Travel / Holiday with your Child – Family Law Perth – Custody

Are you a separated or divorced parent wanting to holiday this year with your children and needing the permission of the other parent?[br][br]

At or around holiday time one divorced or separated parent may want to travel interstate or overseas to visit family and or friends and take the children with them.[br][br]

Frequently with separated or divorced parents one parent will not give permission for the travel to occur even if the holiday is in the best interests of the children.[br][br]

Sometimes one party will not assist in obtaining passports for the children to travel.[br][br]

You may not have court orders permitting you to travel with your child or children after separation or divorce.[br][br]

If you are thinking about planning a holiday it may be best to try to obtain the consent of the other party first.[br][br]

It may not be a good idea to pay for and book holidays without the written consent of the other parent and particularly when a court order is not in place.[br][br]

If you are experiencing difficulty in getting consent to holiday with the children of your marriage or de facto relationship we invite you to make an appointment to see us. [br][br]

Before you attend your family law appointment you may want to provide us with as much information about your proposed travel arrangements, the communications that you have already had with the other parent, any court orders that are in place and any other information that you think may be important for us to know.[br][br]

Send this information to us in an email prior to your first appointment and we will read this on a complimentary basis before we even meet with you.[br][br]

This will save you time and legal fees.

This blog is not legal advice. You should seek specific legal advice from an experienced family lawyer in a well established firm about the specific facts of your case.