De Facto Relationship Law and Sex Workers – Perth Family – De Facto Law

We are not sure if this is a Perth family law or de facto case but it will probably have an influence on family law and particularly de facto law in Perth, Western Australia.[br][br]

The case is called Kristoff & Emerson although that is not the real name of the parties.[br][br]

The case is a 2015 family law case.[br][br]

In this family law case a sex worker argued that she had a de facto relationship with a former client.[br][br]

The Full Court found that while some of the indicators of a de facto relationship were present some were not.[br][br]

For a period of about 8 years she lived at the respondent’s property for up to 5 nights a week.[br][br]

The parties did not share an economic life. [br][br]

This blog is not legal advice. For specific family law advice about your de facto relationship in Perth, Western Australia you should seek specific advice from an experienced family law practitioner.