Divorce and Perth Family Law

We offer our family law clients going through divorce or separation a complimentary pre read before their first family law appointment.

You can tell us everything about the situation surrounding your divorce.

Tell us about the assets and liabilities that you both had when you started living together.

What assets and liabilities do you have at the end of the relationship or marriage? How do you want to share them?

Write to us about the financial and non financial contributions you both made through the marriage or de facto relationship or marriage.

Write about all the contributions to the welfare of the family you made through the marriage or de facto relationship.

What do you think is a fair outcome? How do you want to divide property?

If you have children what custody arrangements do you want to make?

Tell us anything you want including information about the breakdown of the marriage or de facto relationship.

Our Legal Practitioner Director who is very experienced in family law will read your background before your appointment and will be ready to get straight to the important work with you rather than spending your family law appointment time getting this necessary information.

You will meet with our Senior Family Lawyer and Legal Practitioner Director Shannon Bodeker.

Email us now on shannon@bodekers for your complimentary pre read before your appointment and enjoy a reduced rate first appointment and a free pre read before.