Perth Family Law Child Custody and Relocation

At this time of the year many family law mothers and fathers who are separating and/or divorcing find themselves faced with the possible relocation of a child.

That is, one of the parents wishes to change where they live and take the child or children of the marriage or de facto relationship with them.

If you are faced with a potential relocation, you need to seek early legal advice from a very experienced Perth family lawyer and preferably one who has experience in this technical area of relocation.

Our Legal Practitioner Director Shannon Bodeker has High Court experience in relocation and has been working exclusively in family law for over 15 years.

We offer all new clients a complimentary pre-read prior to their first family law appointment. You can provide us with an email, fax or similar setting out essential information prior to your appointment. This will save you considerable time and legal fees.

This is information we would otherwise get from you at your first family law appointment. By providing this family law information prior to your appointment, our Legal Practitioner Director Shannon Bodeker will have already started work on your family law case.

Your background email could include the following information:

  • Where does the relocating parent want to relocate to?
  • Why does the relocating parent want to relocate there?
  • What are the positives for the child relocating to the new location?
  • Does the child have any relatives in the potential new location?
  • What friends, activities and resources does the new location offer the child?
  • Why is the proposed relocation in the best interests of the relocating parent?
  • How settled is the child in their current location?
  • What are the major disadvantages for the child to be moved from their current home and location?
  • Any other factors you would like to discuss during your family law appointment.

We are very experienced Perth family lawyers and can provide you with the very best legal advice in this highly technical area of family law called relocation.

Email our Legal Practitioner Director Shannon Bodeker direct at now for your complimentary pre-read and your first appointment at a reduced rate.