Gifts and Inheritances in Family Law

Following separation, parties often choose to initiate property settlement proceedings to terminate the financial relationship between them. One issue to consider when completing property settlement proceedings is the issue of whether either party has received an inheritance, or is expected to receive an inheritance in the future.

If you received money as a gift or inheritance during your marriage or de facto relationship, the court will often look to the intention of the person who provided the gift or inheritance, i.e. whether that person intended for the gift or inheritance to benefit both parties of the relationship, or just one party of the relationship. If a gift or inheritance is intended for one party only, then that gift or inheritance may be viewed by the court as a contribution on that party’s behalf.

As each family law case is different, the way an inheritance or future inheritance is treated can vary. If you are separating and have or expect to receive an inheritance, you should seek family law advice from an experienced Perth family lawyer regarding your property settlement.

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Please note this is not family law advice. It is important to seek specific family law advice. We are very experienced Perth family law solicitors and can provide you with the very best legal advice regarding your inheritance and property settlement matter.

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