Uneven Contributions to Marriage

A couple may make uneven financial or property contributions when marrying. When separating, the court must have a method of deciding how the couple’s assets should be split if they can’t reach an agreement.

In family law in Western Australia, one method of dividing property interests is by considering each party’s contributions before and during the marriage.

In the recent case of Telfer v Telfer [2016] FCWA 2, the court applied a four-step process for determining an application for Property Interests. Pursuant to the Family Law Act (Cth) 1975 those steps were:

  1. Identify existing legal and equitable interests of parties in their property.
  2. Ascertain whether it is just and equitable to make an order altering those interests.
  3. Identify and assess contributions of the parties and determine their contribution based entitlements under ss 79(4)(a)-(c).
  4. Identify and assess the relevant matters under ss 79(d)-(g) then determine any adjustments to be made to contribution based entitlements.

Get a copy of the Family Law Act (Cth) 1975.

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