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After a holiday one parent may fail to return a child or children to the other parent.

Advice about recovery orders, relocation and child abduction may be needed.

In SCA & Castillo [2015] FamCA 792 the children visited their father in Australia, from New Zealand.

The father claimed that the move was permanent, but the mother insisted it was only a holiday. It turned out that the mother may have intended it to be permanent, and later changed her mind.

The court determined that the children were “habitually residence” in New Zealand but were settled in Australia. The children also objected to going back to New Zealand.

The children were allowed to stay in Australia, pending a detailed examination of each parent’s parenting case.

Child relocation matters can be complex. We therefore recommend you seek legal advice from one of our Perth family lawyers. We invite you to discuss your particular matter with our Legal Practitioner Director, Ms. Shannon Bodeker, who has High Court experience in relocation matters.

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