Parenting Orders by the Court – Family Law Firm

A parenting order, not to be confused with a parenting plan, is an order made by the court dealing with, but not limited to, one of the following:

  1. The person with whom a child is to live;
  2. The time a child is to spend with another person or other persons;
  3. The allocation of parental responsibility for a child;
  4. Communication about decisions to be made in regards to the child, between 2 or more persons with parental responsibility.
  5. Communication the child is to have with another person;
  6. Maintenance of a child;

See our blog titled What is a Parenting Plan and When is It Used? for information on parenting plans. Children’s matters can be complex. We therefore recommend you seek legal advice from one of our very experienced Perth family lawyers. We invite you to discuss your particular matter with our Legal Practitioner Director, Ms. Shannon Bodeker, who has been working in family law for over 20 years. Prior to your first appointment, you may send us an email, fax or similar, outlining your situation in as much detail as you like. This information will be read on a complimentary basis prior to your first family law appointment. We get to know you and your family law matter before we meet. Please note this is not family law advice. It is important to seek advice specific to your circumstances. We are very experienced Perth family law solicitors and can provide you with the very best legal advice regarding children’s matters. Email our Legal Practitioner Director, Shannon Bodeker at, for your complimentary pre-read and first appointment at a reduced rate.