Perth Family Law – Perth Divorce Law

A recent family law decision is important for married or de facto couples involved in a Perth family law property settlement.

In this case relevant to Perth family law the husband transferred property to a relative to defeat the wife’s property settlement in the Family Court.

It is important that married or defacto couples know that transferring property to a relative, friend or similar can cause problems in family law matters.

If you are involved in family law proceedings in Perth, you should seek legal advice as early as possible from a very experienced Perth family lawyer in a long established family law firm.

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Bodekers Family Lawyers and Mediators can advise you as to your family law rights and options.

We are able to assist you in preparing an application or response for property settlement and can represent you in the Family Court of Western Australia.

Please note this is not family law advice.

It is important to seek specific family law advice.

We are very experienced Perth family lawyers and can provide you with the very best legal advice regarding your property settlement matter.

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