Family Law Amendment Bill 2017

The Attorney-General’s Department has issued a Public Consultation Paper that proposes amendments to the Family Law Act aiming to improve the family law system’s response to family violence. The Family Law Section of The Law Council of Australia has voiced opinion on the proposed Family Law Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2017.

Funding to the Perth Family Court

The Amendments proposed in the Bill will require additional Commonwealth funding to state and territory courts of summary jurisdiction to have a practical effect, without which may result in list blowouts in the courts of summary jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction of the Perth Family Court

The Courts vested with Summary jurisdiction powers for Parenting Orders under the Family Law Act requires clarification. Increase jurisdiction of state and territory courts in family law property matters to allow opportunity to resolve multiple aspects of a case in the one hearing and retention of these courts’ primary jurisdiction for obtaining family violence orders.

Criminalisation of breaches of personal protection injunctions in the Perth Family Court

Registration and enforcement of a scheme under state and territory legislation to criminalise breaches of personal protection injunctions under the Family Law Act. This aims to increase protection to victims of family violence and provide clear direction to police to enforce injunctions.

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