Child Relocation Perth – Parenting Plans

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Parenting plans fall under child relocation. Relocation of a child may involve separating a child from people they interact with, including a person or persons with parental responsibility for the child and the power to make changes to the care of that child. In the Family Court of Western Australia parenting plans made under the Family Law Act influence whether a child can be relocated.

Child Relocation Perth and Child Interaction with Other Persons

Parenting plans may stipulate whom a child may live, spend time and communicate with.

Child Relocation Perth and Parental Responsibility

Allocation of parental responsibility, including shared responsibility may be subject to a parenting plan. The plan may also describe the form of consultations between persons sharing responsibility for decisions relating to a child.

Child Relocation Perth and Dispute Resolution

A parenting plan may specify the process for resolving disputes about a child. It can mandate procedure for changing a plan to account for changing circumstances or needs or a child.

Family law matters can be very complex. It is important to note that this is not legal advice. We therefore recommend you seek specific legal advice from one of our very experienced Child Relocation Perth lawyers if you need assistance interpreting how the Family Law Act affects you. You are invited to discuss your particular matter with our Legal Practitioner Director Shannon Bodeker.

Shannon’s special interest is child relocation and she completed her Honours thesis “The Freedom of Movement of Residential Parents (and others) subsequent to the Family Law Reform Act 1995 (Cth)” in this area. In 1998 she was involved in the landmark High Court case AMS v AIF; AIF v AMS (1999). Her thesis was cited by His Honour Justice Kirby in that case.

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