We Are Now Members of The FLPA!

The Family Law Practitioners Association (or the FLPA) is the law industry’s leading professional non-profit organisation. They represent over 1,000 family law practitioners around Australia. Now that Bodekers Family Law is an official FLPA member we receive several benefits that help us strengthen our own family law services. 

As a nonprofit, professional association, FLPA aspires to offer valuable services to its members and has done so since 1978. They are a strong, collaborative group that is creative, stimulating and takes pride in rewarding their members. Their tagline is “make family law matter” which they consistently strive for. 

Family Law Practitioners Association Logo

As FLPA members, Bodekers Family Lawyers and Mediators are recognised as a professional committed to honesty, truth, integrity, and ethics.

In addition to offering credibility to its members as a respected industry body, FLPA provides marketing opportunities so that members can showcase their professional credentials to other members and potential clients.

As FLPA members Bodekers receives a number of benefits. We are able to attend networking and educational events which allow us to further our professional development and gain valuable information. We can also attend seminars and lectures that are delivered by industry leaders, so members can maintain their skills and knowledge. 

We can also attend yearly events like the Family Law Retreat. This event is an explanation of current legal issues in family law as well as a review of emerging challenges that modern families can face. Throughout the year, there are many other popular events and seminars designed to educate professionals and legal professionals on legal and other relevant topics.

With regular e-alerts and quarterly email newsletters our FLPA membership keeps us updated on the latest industry information. The FLPA’s Case Watch provides us insights into recent significant cases and we have access to industry papers with a focus on current issues. Also, FLPA provides information and documents on the Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court procedures and rulings regularly to keep us as up to date as we possibly can be.

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