Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in Family Law

Child abuse is a serious matter in any circumstance, and during family law proceedings is no different. There are many courses of action you can take, however.

If you think your child may be at risk of abuse, you should contact an experienced family law solicitor as soon as possible.

After consultation with your solicitor, a notice of child abuse or family violence may be filed, which will bring the matter directly to the court’s attention, giving them the opportunity to consider the matter and issue any orders that may be required.

We, therefore, invite you to discuss your particular situation with our Legal Practitioner Director, Ms Shannon Bodeker, who is very experienced in this area.

Here is some general information about child abuse and family violence:

Q:  What is domestic and family violence?

When we think of domestic and family violence, many of us associate that with physical violence or sexual abuse, but it can take other forms, including emotional and psychological abuse, which are no less debilitating to the person suffering the abuse.

Q:  What is emotional or psychological abuse?

Emotional or psychological abuse is any behaviour by your partner designed to control and belittle you or your children.  This includes, but is not limited to, degrading comments and taunts, or your partner controlling the family finances to the point where you are unable to access money as you need to for you or your children.

Q: Am I to blame for my partner’s abusive behaviour?

Your partner may make you feel as though it is your “fault” and you are to blame for their abusive behaviour towards you or your children, or that they “deserve” to be abused. These are just controlling tactics, and it is important to know that domestic and family violence is never acceptable.

Q:  How is a child exposed to domestic and family violence?

A child doesn’t necessarily have to be physically or emotionally abused to be affected by domestic and family violence.  Just hearing or witnessing domestic and family violence against a parent or other family member is enough.  This is deeply traumatising to a child and can have long‑lasting effects.

Q:  What can I do about domestic and family violence?

If you have experienced domestic and family violence in your marriage or de facto relationship, you may need to seek help, including legal advice from an experienced Perth family lawyer.

Our Legal Practitioner Director Shannon Bodeker is very experienced in this area of law. We invite you to send us an email, fax or similar outlining your situation in as much detail as you like. This information will be read on a complimentary basis prior to your first family law appointment.

Please note this is not family law advice. It is important to seek specific family law advice. We are very experienced Perth family law solicitors and can provide you with the very best legal advice regarding children and family violence matters.

Email our Legal Practitioner Director Shannon Bodeker at now for your complimentary pre-read and your first appointment at a reduced rate.

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