Parenting Arrangements for Christmas Holidays

Christmas is a special time for children and families. Christmas and the holiday season is fast approaching and it is very important that children get to spend time with the people they love and that love them. 

When this time of year comes around it often brings arguments for separated parents as they attempt to divide the time spent with children evenly.  It will be necessary for ex-spouses to obtain a Parenting Order before the deadline of the next school year if they cannot reach an agreement on child custody arrangements for the Christmas break.

Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators are Family Lawyers and Mediators in Perth that can assist you in making sure that the children you love and that love you get to spend time with you over this Christmas holiday season. 

Putting Lights On The Christmas Tree

As the Christmas holidays approach, there is a routine influx of applications filed to the Family Court relating to parenting. The parents always seem to panic if they cannot agree on where to spend Christmas with the children and with whom they will spend it.

The concern may be understandable, but Family Court should not be the first port of call. Instead, it should be the last resort. Choosing the right decisions for the children is something that can only be accomplished by parents who have their children’s best interests at heart; not by a Judge or a Magistrate.

If your matter needs to go to court it’s important that you act very quickly as Christmas applications cut off soon. If your matter can be mediated or if you just need specific advice please let us know how we can assist you.

Please ensure you have your Christmas and holiday parenting arrangements agreed well in advance. If an agreement cannot be reached there is a deadline of 4 pm on 12 November 2021 to make an application to the Family Court of Western Australia.

There is no guarantee that any applications will be processed or heard before Christmas if they are filed after this date.  There is a possibility that arrangements will not be made for your children during the holiday season as a result of this.  Parents and children can suffer considerable emotional distress due to this situation and this can result in irreversible damage to your relationship with the other parent. 

Parents find it especially difficult to deal with their emotions when they are refused time with their children around the holiday season.  To avoid arguments during what is supposed to be a special time of year, arrangements should be carefully considered (and documented) well in advance and agreed upon to prevent any incidents. If you are in need of advice from a family law professional Bodekers Family Lawyers and Mediators can help. Contact us today on (08) 9323 7711 to speak with our family law expert Shannon Bodeker and make sure your holiday season runs smoothly.

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