Bodekers Family Lawyers in Perth: Our Complimentary Services


You can tell us all about your family law matter before your first appointment.

You may already be in court proceedings – we will read your documents before you come in. Just scan and email them through to

Because we read your family law documents and information before you come in we can research the most recent family law that relates to you right from the beginning.

We do not charge for this service.

We already have compassion and understanding for your situation and we are ready to work to make things better for you. We can get right to work as soon as you come in.

You can save significant legal fees right from the start.

We know a complimentary pre-read is better for you than a free 15-minute appointment with a junior.

Start writing about your family law problem now whether it be about custody, divorce, property settlement, relocation, child abduction, spouse maintenance, child support or any other area of family law.

Questions to Consider

There are many areas of family law that may be related to your divorce and separation.

For instance, are you most concerned about custody or property settlement?

Tell us when you started living together, when you were married and when you separated.

Do you have children? Tell us about your children and what living arrangements you would like for them after separation and divorce.

What assets and liabilities did you have when you started living together and when you separated?

In your marriage what financial and non-financial contributions did you both make?

Were there any inheritances?

Were there any other financial windfalls and losses?

How do you want your property to be shared after separation and divorce?

What do you think is a fair outcome?

Tell us all about your marriage so we can know you and your family law needs right from the beginning.

We know a free pre-read from our very experienced legal practitioner director or one of our very experienced associates is better for you than a short, free appointment or telephone hotline with a junior lawyer.

We can assist with:

  • Guiding you through divorce
  • Assisting you with cost-effective solutions in divorce, Western Australia
  • Providing mediation services to resolve matters in your divorce
  • Understanding you and your children’s needs in divorce
  • Helping you help yourself in your divorce

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

The first family law appointment is a very important time for our clients. We want to get as much work done as possible so that our clients can know what to do right from the start. We find that many family law clients seem to want to spend most of their first appointment telling their family lawyer information that is very important to the client but may not have much relevance to their family law matter. So that Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators can efficiently and cost-effectively save you time and money in your first appointment and beyond we invite our new clients to write down everything that they want to tell us in their first appointment and email it to us.

We look forward to meeting with you at our discrete, casual yet professional Cottesloe family law offices after reading your background divorce and family law information on a complimentary basis.

You can go to The Family Court of Western Australia website and complete the form 3 application for divorce form and scan and email it to us prior to your appointment.

We can then check it for you and take you through the procedure involved.

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