The Law Relevant to Contributions

There are generally three kinds of contributions taken into account when sharing property in a de facto relationship or marriage, namely:

Financial Contributions.

Non-Financial Contributions; and

Contributions to the Welfare of the Family. 

All three types of contributions can be taken by the court to be equal in a long marriage or de facto relationship.

This is subject to an assessment of the quality of the respective contributions of the parties.

Whilst in many cases the Court may determine that contributions should be considered as “equal but different”, the Court can make a qualitative assessment of the respective contributions of the parties.

The court can exercise a high level of discretion. That is, different Judicial Officers can hold different views and make different decisions. 

Financial Contributions

Financial contributions are monetary contributions made directly, or indirectly, to the acquisition, conservation, and improvement of property by either party or on behalf of either party. Examples of financial contributions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Payment of the deposit and/or mortgage repayments for the matrimonial home or other property.

Payment for the repairs and maintenance of the matrimonial home such as roofing and guttering; and

Payment for renovations to the matrimonial home.

Non-Financial Contributions

Non-financial contributions such as who improved the value of assets of the financial relationship are given weight. For instance, organising renovations, painting the house, managing tenants, maintaining and improving the gardens and contributions, not of a direct financial nature that improved the value of an asset of the marriage.

Contributions to the Welfare of the Family

Contributions to the welfare of the family can be made by both parties. In some cases, one parent may assume the role of full-time parent and homemaker. One parent may care for the child/ren on a day-to-day basis and assume responsibility for the running of the household whilst the other party is the full-time breadwinner. The respective contributions to the welfare of the family are assessed.

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