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Costs for Legal Fees/Litigation Funding: If one party does not have sufficient funds to pay for necessary legal fees the court can make an order for the other party to make available funds for legal fees.

In Zschokke and Zschokke (1996) FLC 92-693 (“Zschokke”), if it is apparent one of the parties controls a vast pool of assets then the Court can order the provision of funds by the holder of those assets to enable the other party to continue on with litigation.

“Where property settlement proceedings under s 79 are pending, the Court may pursuant to the provisions of s 80(1)(h) (and independently of the power in s 117(2) to make a costs order) require the party who controls most of the assets of the parties to provide the other party with funds to conduct his or her case, with the provision of such funds then being a matter to be taken into account in the final settlement of property between the parties.”

In (“Zschokke”) five criteria were identified as being appropriate to consider making an order for litigation funding.

  1. Complexity in the respondent’s financial affairs
  2. The need for expert investigation into those affairs
  3. A position of financial strength on the part of the respondent
  4. A capacity on the part of the respondent to meet her own costs
  5. An inability on the part of the applicant to meet her costs.

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