Proving Separation to The Court

You cannot sign and file the Application for Divorce in the Family Court of Western Australia until you have been separated from your spouse for at least 12 months. At least one spouse must regard the marriage as over on the date of separation and in some way communicate this to the other spouse. Proving … Read more

Margaret River Branch

Located on the idyllic southwest coast, the Margaret River Region is one of the most beautiful in Western Australia. The region stretches from Busselton along the shores of Geographe Bay down to Augusta the most south-westerly point of Australia. Almost everywhere you look in this area you will find spectacular beaches, elaborate caves, adventure trails, … Read more

Child’s Best Interests and Medical Treatment

Parents are often required to make decisions regarding medical treatment on their child’s behalf. The parent’s wishes may not always be the final word in making the decision to provide treatment. Parents may be considered to be in the best position to decide what is in their child’s best interests as they are the most … Read more

Rules for Child Relocation

A child’s wishes can hold some weight in issues where a court is determining what is in their best interests. They may have an opinion on where they want to live, who they want to live with, how much time they spend with each parent and other important considerations. What are the guidelines for child … Read more

Terminating the Financial Relationship in Perth Family Law Matters

Two approaches to sharing assets and liabilities that can be used in Perth Family Law matters are the global and “asset-by-asset” approaches. A combination of these approaches can be used. The global approach places the assets and liabilities in one asset pool and considers what percentage of that asset pool each person is entitled to. … Read more

Family Dispute Resolution

In Perth Family Law before making an application to the Court in parenting cases, the Family Court of Western Australia usually requires you to attend Compulsory Family Dispute Resolution. When applying for a Family Dispute Resolution an exemption may be granted where there is a risk of family violence. This may be possible where the … Read more

Spousal Maintenance and Re-Marriage

At separation, some couples choose to live in the same house. They may elect to do this to support their children until all parties are financially stable or for a host of other reasons. In Australia, you must have been separated from your spouse for at least 12 months before you can file for divorce … Read more