LGBTQI Family Lawyer Perth

Same-sex or LGBTQI parents should never be discriminated against. In Perth Family Law, same-sex or LGBTQI parents have the same rights as all parents. Their children ordinarily have the same rights as other children. In most cases, parents will share parental responsibility. Equal Shared Parental Responsibility Section 61DA of the Family Law Act presumes that ... Read more

Do sperm donors have parental rights in Perth Family Law?

Have you been involved in conception procedures involving a sperm donation? If so do you want to know your legal rights regarding the child? Sperm donors may be parents in specific circumstances and may have parental rights and responsibilities. If sperm donors are parents how much time should the child spend with the sperm donor ... Read more

Child Relocation

Child Relocation (that is where one parent wants to change the location of where the children of a relationship or marriage are to live) is often considered one of the most technical and complex areas of family law. Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators can assist you in agreeing custody/care arrangements for a relocation or can ... Read more

Perth De Facto Relationships

Perth De facto  Relationships Are you currently in a de facto relationship? De facto relationships have legal implications that you may not be aware of. Family Law in Western Australia makes provision for de facto relationships as well as married couples. You may be in a de facto relationship if you and your partner: Are not ... Read more

Fathers’ Rights in Perth Child Custody Matters

Separation and child custody can be a daunting thought for fathers. It is in your best interest to know what factors go into custody decisions. Parental Responsibility - Rights of fathers Parents have a responsibility to their child until they reach the age of 18. This responsibility may not be affected by changes in either ... Read more

Family Law Amendment Bill 2017 – Perth Family Court – Perth Family Lawyers

The Attorney-General's Department has issued a Public Consultation Paper that proposes amendments to the Family Law Act aiming to improve the family law system's response to family violence. The Family Law Section of The Law Council of Australia has voiced opinion on the proposed Family Law Amendment (Family Violence and Other Measures) Bill 2017. Funding to the Perth ... Read more