Parents are often required to make decisions regarding medical treatment on their child’s behalf. The parent’s wishes may not always be the final word in making the decision to provide treatment. Parents may be considered to be in the best position to decide what is in their child’s best interests as they are the most … Read more

Do grandparents have rights in family law? Grandchildren have a right to see their grandparents although they must be protected from exposure to risk factors including family violence or illicit substance use. The court will take into account children’s rights to have a relationship with their grandparents when determining the child’s best interests. Under the … Read more

Family Violence Restraining Orders can be resolved in a variety of ways including by undertaking or as follows. Undertaking Enter into a one way or into a mutual undertaking by consent. An undertaking is a promise to the Court to act in a certain way and not to do certain things. An undertaking can be … Read more

Christmas is a special time for children and families. Christmas and the holiday season is fast approaching and it is very important that children get to spend time with the people they love and that love them.  When this time of year comes around it often brings arguments for separated parents as they attempt to … Read more

Child abuse is a serious matter in any circumstance, and during family law proceedings is no different. There are many courses of action you can take, however. If you think your child may be at risk of abuse, you should contact an experienced family law solicitor as soon as possible. After consultation with your solicitor, … Read more

A Family Violence Restraining Order should not necessarily stop a child from spending time with their parent. Under Australian family law, a child has a right to enjoy a meaningful relationship with both of their parents and be protected from harm.  Whilst a Family Violence Restraining Order can provide relief and safety to victims of … Read more