One can potentially seek exclusive occupation of the former family home by filing an application in the Family Court of Western Australia.

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For family law matters in Perth, Western Australia, the best interests of the child are paramount. Parents’ interests may take a backseat to those of the child. What might a court consider when determining what is in the best interests of a child?

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In Mahon v Mahon [2015] FCCA 510 a dispute arose about the date of separation of a married couple. The husband claimed he bought a property after separation in 2005. The wife maintained it should be included in the joint asset pool to be divided between them. She believed that the separation began in 2012.

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In the family law case of Reynolds & Sherman [2015] FamCAFC 128, the couple separated shortly after the mother became pregnant. The mother seemingly wanted the child to take her name, and the father, a hyphenated name. The Full Court stated that “… an order dealing with a child’s name falls within the broad terms of s64B(2)(i) … Read more

Separation and divorce can be a very painful and difficult time for husbands and wives or de facto couples as they experience a wide range of associated emotions. At Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators we aim to compassionately guide our clients through divorce and property settlement and assist them to make very important decisions about … Read more

Are you pregnant and separated from or no longer with the father of your unborn child?  Or have you recently given birth, but are no longer with your partner and the father of your child? Are you wondering what involvement, help or financial assistance your former partner may be required to render you?  These are … Read more

Child support in Australia is taken very seriously by the family court of WA. People often ask how to separate with kids because when children are involved things become much more complicated. Are you a separated or divorced parent wanting to holiday this year with your children and needing the permission of the other parent? … Read more