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Child Relocation free pre-read

If you want to change the location of where a child lives and that move will impact on the child spending time with the other parent, then you may need to get the other parent’s permission or an order from the Family Court before you move. 

We invite you to provide everything you would like to tell our lawyers during your first appointment, as well as any questions you have. If your matter relates to child relocation, in addition to the information you may provide for a custody free pre-read, you may want to include further information such as:

  1. The citizenship and/or residency of you, the other parent and the children.
  2. Where the children have lived through their lives.
  3. Where you live now.
  4. Where you intend to relocate.
  5. Details of any court orders currently in place including copies of relevant court and other documents.
  6. Why it is in the children’s best interests to relocate.
  7. Your relationship with the other party.
  8. The children’s relationship with the other party.
  9. Details of family/significant others where the children are now.
  10. Details of family/significant others where you intend to relocate.
  11. Your reasons for relocating
  12. Your employment prospects where you live now.
  13. Your employment prospects in the place that you intend to relocate.
  14. Educational, extra-curricular, health and other facilities that may be available for your child upon relocation.
  15. Any other factors you believe may be relevant or information you would like us to know before your appointment.

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