De facto Family Law – Perth, Western Australia, Property Settlement

April 14, 2015 – at 2:28 am – by Bodekers Family Lawyers
The Family Court of Western Australia can have the power to make orders about how the assets and liabilities of a de facto relationship in Perth, Western Australia may be divided between a de facto couple at the end of a de facto relationship.[br][br] They can have this power if they have the jurisdiction.[br][br] There are many factors that determine if the Family Court might have jurisdiction in your de facto family law case.[br][br] In some cases the other side (that is your de facto husband or wife) may try to have your application for property settlement dismissed arguing that The Family Court of Western Australia does not have the power or jurisdiction to deal with the case.[br][br] They may say there was no de facto relationship at all.[br][br] They could argue that the date of separation is much earlier than what you know it to be. They may say you are out of time as the application was filed more than two years after the date of separation.[br][br] Naturally, you may be able to file an application for the leave of the court to proceed out of time and you should seek very specific legal advice about this.[br][br] De facto law is complex and every case can turn on its own very specific set of facts. Each case is different and the law can change frequently.[br][br] This blog is not legal advice. You should seek very specific family law advice from a very experienced family lawyer in a well established firm.