De Facto Relationship – Perth Family Law – Property Settlement

July 28, 2015 – at 3:38 am – by Bodekers Family Lawyers

Do not delay in obtaining legal advice about your de facto family law matter as there are strict time limits.

Further, your de facto partner may argue that you separated before the date that you consider to be the date of separation which may make time and delay even more important.

It is important that you know what you are entitled to when your de facto relationship is over and you are separating,  have separated or are contemplating separation.

We offer a complimentary pre read prior to your appointment.

We have found this can save time and legal fees for our clients.

Most importantly it provides us with the opportunity to know about your de facto family law matter before your first appointment.

We can then provide the best family law advice from the outset of your de facto case and can decide on the most cost effective way to help you.

Our Legal Practitioner Director and/or Associates carefully read the background that you have prepared before your family law appointment with us and undertake any necessary research on the most recent de facto family law as it relates to your unique facts.

The law is different in each de facto family law case depending on your facts.

When deciding what to write in your background email we tell our clients to write whatever they  would like to tell us in their first appointment/s.

Some de facto family law clients like further guidance.

You may like to provide the following information before your appointment –


What date did you start living together?

What date might your defacto partner say you started living together?

What date did you separate?

What date might your defacto partner say you separated?

What assets and liabilities did you both have at the date that you started living together?

What assets and liabilities did you both have at the date that you separated?

What superannuation did/do you both have at the date you started living together, at the date of  separation and as todays date?

What financial contributions did you both make during the de facto relationship and after the de facto relationship if relevant?

Did you have children together or did either of you have children from a previous relationship that were cared for by you?

What are your current, respective salaries?

Do either of you have any health concerns or are there facts that affect your future earnings?

What were the features of your relationship that you say show that you were in a de facto relationship?


If you have documents to support any of this information they may also be relevant


We look forward to reading your background and meeting with you so that we can assist you to resolve your de facto matter as quickly and cost effectively as possible and preferably through mediation so as to avoid the often unnecessary emotional and financial expense of family court litigation.

This is not legal advice. For advice on your de facto family law matter you need to meet with a very experienced family lawyer in a long established family law firm.

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