Separation and Divorce FAQs

Separation FAQs

Separation is when you and your partner stop living together in a domestic or “marriage-like” relationship.

You and your partner do not need to agree to separate. Separation involves one person deciding to separate, acting on that decision and telling the other person.

You do not need to do anything in particular to record your separation. However, you may need to be able to provide evidence as to when you separated, for example, if you are seeking a divorce order or in property settlement proceedings.

Yes. You and your partner can separate but continued to live “under one roof”. There may be situations where separation under one roof needs to be proved to the Family Court, for example if you are seeking a divorce order.

It is often necessary to change your will once you have separated from your partner.

Divorce FAQs

Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage. In Perth, Western Australia married couples need to show they have been living apart and separately for a year to get divorced. There are other factors that the Court will consider such as whether there is a likely chance of reconciliation.

You can obtain a divorce order from the Family Court of Western Australia.

A divorce order can be made where there has been an “irretrievable breakdown of the marriage”. This is proven by the parties having been separated for at least 12 months immediately prior to making an application. The Family Court must also be satisfied there is no chance of reconciliation.

A divorce application can be completed and filed 12 months after the date of separation.

An application for divorce can be made by either the husband or the wife individually, or the husband and the wife can jointly make the application.

Australia is a ‘no fault divorce’ jurisdiction. This means the Family Court will not consider why the marriage broke down or if a party was at ‘fault’ in the breakdown of the marriage.

A divorce order only ends the marriage. It does not deal with issues relating to your children or finances. There are time limits relating to property and/or spousal maintenance applications after an order has been made.

If you were married for less than two years, you and your spouse must attend counselling before applying to the Family Court. You will need to file a counselling certificate with your application for divorce. If you don’t attend counselling, you must seek the Court’s permission by filing an affidavit with your application.

Do I need to attend Court?

If there is no child of the marriage currently under 18, you may not be required to attend the hearing. This applies for both sole and joint applications.

If you make a joint application and there is a child of the marriage currently under 18, you may not be required to attend the hearing.

If you make a sole application and there is a child of the marriage currently under 18, you will need to attend the hearing.

If you have been married, you can only re-marry once a divorce order has taken effect. You should not plan to remarry until the divorce order is finalised (in most cases, one month and one day after the hearing).

After you file your application you will be given a hearing date. This applies even if the divorce is heard ‘in the absence’ of the parties. The order will take effect one month and one day after the date of the hearing.

The filing fees for obtaining a divorce in Perth Western Australia change. The Family Court of Western Australia website can provide up to date information on this.

You will need to make a new will once your divorce has been granted. In Western Australia, a will is revoked by divorce if it occurs on or after 9 February 2008. If you do not want your will to be void, you will need to have this intention expressed in your will.

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