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Divorce Free Pre-read


If you intend to get a divorce you need to obtain an order from the Family Court. 

We can help you prepare and file an Application for Divorce. Further, we can appear on behalf of you in the Family Court if necessary.

The Family Court will grant a divorce order if it is satisfied that:

  1. The marriage has broken down with no reasonable likelihood that the parties will get back together;
  2. the parties separated at least 12 months and one day prior to filing the Application; and
  3. the parties have made appropriate arrangements for children of the marriage under 18 years.

The Court does not consider why a marriage ended in granting a divorce. The Family Law Act 1975 established the principle of “no-fault divorce”.

We save you time and money by reading about your situation before your first appointment

We invite you to email us outlining your situation before meeting us. This might include:

  1. The names and address/es of you and your former partner;
  2. a brief history of the relationship;
  3. when you and your former partner started living together;
  4. the date you got married;
  5. when you and your former partner separated;
  6. when your former partner might think you separated;
  7. whether there were any previous periods of separation;
  8. the name/s and age/s of any children;
  9. any parenting arrangements that are in place;
  10. assets, liabilities and super you or your former partner have;
  11. what contributions you and your former partner made during the relationship;
  12. the respective future needs for you and your former partner;
  13. details of any Court orders in place; and/or
  14. any questions you may have.

You can register online and start your Application for Divorce before meeting us. We can read your partially completed application as part of your free pre-read.

Contact us by phone (08) 9323 7711 or email us for your complimentary pre-read and first appointment at a reduced flat rate.