Family Law, Western Australia -Perth – Our Complimentary Services for You

April 27, 2015 – at 1:58 am – by Bodekers Family Lawyers
Free Pre Read for our Family Law Clients [br][br] Over the many years that we have practised family law including in Perth, Mandurah, Port Hedland, Karratha, Broome, Bunbury and throughout Western Australia we know our family law clients benefit from emailing us a background of their family law matter and what they want from us in their first family law appointment.[br][br] You can tell us all about your family law matter before your first appointment.[br][br] You may already be in court proceedings – we will read your documents before you come in. Just scan and email them through to[br][br] Because we read your family law documents and information before you come in we can research the most recent family law that relates to you right from the beginning.[br][br] We do not charge for this service.[br][br] We already have compassion and understanding for your situation and we are ready to work to make things better for you. [br][br]We can get right to work as soon as you come in.[br][br] You can save significant legal fees right from the start.[br][br] We know a complimentary pre read is better for you than a free 15 minute appointment with a junior.[br][br] Start writing about your family law problem now whether it be about custody, divorce, property settlement, relocation, child abduction, spouse maintenance, child support or any other area of family law.[br][br] You can email your pre read to because our very experienced Legal Practitioner Director and/or one of our experienced family law associates will read your documents not a junior family lawyer.[br][br] You will be in the hands of very experienced family lawyers who know you and your family law matter right from the beginning.[br] [br] shutterstock_213354331