Family Lawyers Perth

We understand going through separation and divorce is an emotionally turbulent time for our clients. Our family law staff are compassionate and understanding, ensuring each client’s needs are met at every step from initial consultation and advice to representation. Bodekers has worked exclusively in and practised in almost all areas of family law for over 21 years, delivering the best outcomes for our clients. Our team is dedicated to providing you with sophisticated and strategic advice on a wide range of family law matters including property settlement, divorce, child custody, parenting arrangements, spouse maintenance, restraining orders, child support, same-sex family law, financial arrangements and more.

Finding the Right Family Lawyer

Throughout Perth and Western Australia, there are several Family Lawyers. So how do you find a family lawyer that is right for your needs? It’s important to consider the following:

Experience – Finding someone with the correct legal experience is critical if you want to ensure you obtain the best outcome for yourself and your family.
Availability – It is important to ensure the family lawyer you choose has the availability and capacity to handle your case.
Expertise – Does the law firm you select has experience within the specific area of law you need expertise in? De facto, Child support, Grandparents rights all have unique needs.
Rapport – Do you have a good rapport with your lawyer? Being able to work well with them will help them get the very best outcome for you from your proceedings.

How Much Do Family Lawyers Cost?

We are committed to keeping your costs as low as practicable; through the guided direction of our clients, this assists us in keeping costs down. A written costs agreement is entered, where we provide cost estimates and disclosure to our clients in accordance with the Legal Profession Act 2008 (WA).
The costs involved in family law differ depending on the complexity and circumstances of the case. Bodekers believe in full transparency with all our clients, ensuring they are fully aware of what the costs are likely to be. We will keep you informed with up-to-date information on the costs throughout all stages of the process and send you itemised invoices. Bodekers charge below the Family Court of Western Australia Determination Act.

How Can Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators Help?

At Bodekers Family Lawyers, we have built our business and reputation on aspiring to be the best we can in our field. Our commitment is to provide you with the right advice and representation in order to secure the best outcome we can obtain. We understand that going through a relationship breakdown can be a very difficult time, and you can be confident knowing that our family law team will find the best possible solution for you.

To find out how we can help you, call us on 9323 7711 or email us directly at now for your free pre-read and first appointment at a reduced rate.