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Child Custody & Parent Orders

We share common questions and answers relating to Child Custody & Parenting Orders, such as “How to apply for custody of a child?” and “What are Parenting Orders?”

Child Relocation

Find answers to questions such as “Can you move interstate with a child?” and “Can I move my child without the fathers permission?”

Child Support

We discuss what child support is, who is eligible to pay or recieve child support and much more.

De Facto Relationships

Frequently Asked Questions such as “What is a de facto partner entitled to?” and “How do you prove a de facto relationship?”


Answers to questions such as “What are the grounds for divorce?” and “Who can make an application for a divorce?”

Family Law

We receive a lot of questions about Family Law. We share common questions such as “What court deals with family law?” and “How do I get an order from the Family Court?”


View our Mediation Frequently Asked Questions. Shannon Bodeker is able to mediate all areas of family law, other areas of law and non legal disputes.

Property Settlement

Answers to questions such as “How do I resolve property settlement matters?”, “How are property settlement matters consider?” and many more!

Recovery Orders

Questions & Answers related to a recovery order – order that is made by the Family Court of WA when a child has gone missing.


Common Separation questions are answered here, such as “Can we be separated if we are still living in the same house?”