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Informal Conferencing

We at Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators frequently conduct informal conferencing in our mediation rooms between the river and the sea to resolve family law matters out of court and achieve outcomes that are in the best interests of all parties as far as possible.

This process assists separating parents and couples make arrangements for their children and their finances without the costly expense of litigation.

Informal conferencing can take many shapes and forms. It is up to the parties as to how they want to conduct their conference. It would be your conference with your solutions. Generally, informal conferences result in the parties reaching agreement and filing their agreement in The Family Court of  Western Australia without having to actually having to go to court at all.

Orders can be made that finish the financial relationship between the parties and make arrangements for the children that are in the children’s’ best interests. Informal conferences mean family law solutions made by the people that know best – families with the support of experienced family lawyers as required.

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