Perth Family Law Mediation

August 12, 2014 – at 3:44 am – by Bodekers Family Lawyers
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Perth Family Law Mediation  – What is Mediation?

At separation, there may be family law issues that you need to resolve. We try to resolve family law matters through mediation. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Therefore, it aims to assist people to solve their legal problems outside of court.

Mediation is private, low conflict and cost effective. Further, it can help you make decisions without the stress and delay of going to court.

Mediators use their skills to improve communication between people. Therefore, they can tailor results to your situation. Agreements reached in mediation can be made into court orders. Consequently, you can feel secure knowing your decision is legally bound.

Perth Mediation Services – When Can I Use Mediation?

The family law decisions made in mediation can regard:

– the care of children;

– the division of property;

– the support of a spouse;

– child support;

– adult child support; and

– relocation.

We conduct mediations at our offices in Cottesloe, Western Australia. Through this, we assist couples to settle their differences and reach agreement.

Perth Mediation Services – What do I need?

You should come prepared to a mediation conference. Mediation for property settlement involves dividing a couple’s assets and liabilities. This might be for a married or de facto couple.

All parties should prepare a schedule of assets and liabilities. You should bring documents to evidence the value of these. It is important to have a file that matches up to the asset and liability schedule.

When dividing assets between parties, full and frank disclosure is important. Otherwise, withholding information can be grounds for setting orders aside.

Each party should have independent legal advice ahead of mediation. Ideally, each party brings their family lawyer to mediation.

Some family lawyers are nationally accredited mediators. Therefore, they can act as mediators at your mediation.

Mediation does not terminate a financial relationship between parties. Rather, an order in the Family Court does this.

Perth Mediation Services – Mediation outside of family law

Bodekers can facilitate mediation in other areas of law. This includes:

– commercial disputes;

– debt recovery;

– industrial relations; and

– local government and areas such as residential and commercial law.

Perth Mediation Services – Our expertise

We prioritise the low-conflict, cost-effective path of mediation. Our Legal Practitioner Director Shannon Bodeker has significant experience in mediation. She regularly attends national and international conferences. In 2014 and 2015 Ms. Bodeker trained in advanced mediation at Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation.

Ms. Bodeker can represent you at mediation or facilitate your mediation style conference.

Perth Mediation Services – Our Mediation Facilities

Our mediation suite is in Cottesloe, Western Australia. We encourage community groups and businesses to inquire about our competitive rates.

Please note that this is not legal advice.