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Grandparents Free Pre-read

Write to us before your first appointment

Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators have supported and continue to support grandparents and the rights of their grandchildren. 

Grandparents usually want and know what is best for their grandchildren. The parents may not be letting you see your grandchildren or assist in their care, welfare and development. The children may not be going to school regularly or may not be being provided with adequate nutrition or accommodation.

We invite you to provide everything you would like to tell our lawyers during your first appointment, as well as any questions you have.

Some of the information that may be useful could include:

  1. Copies of any Court documents;
  2. Details about your relationship with your grandchildren;
  3. Details of any contact you are currently having with your grandchildren;
  4. The time you think your grandchildren should be spending with you;
  5. What you think is in the best interests of your grandchildren;
  6. Why it is in their best interests to live or spend more time with you;
  7. How much and what type of time they should spend with their parents if any;
  8. Any risk factors with your grandchildren spending time with or living with their parents;
  9. The types of things you and your grandchildren have done together;
  10. When you last saw your grandchildren;
  11. How much time you have spent with them throughout their lives; and
  12. Anything else that you think is relevant to your family law matter.

Let’s work it out together

To arrange your free pre-read and first appointment at a reduced rate, write to us below.

Alternatively, you can write to us directly at or contact us by phone on (08) 9323 7711.