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Property Settlement Free Pre-read

Property settlement involves dividing the assets and liabilities of a marriage or de facto relationship according to Australian family law and require obtaining an order from the Family Court.

We invite you to provide everything you would like to tell our lawyers during your first appointment, as well as any questions you have. Some of the information that may be useful could include:

  1. The name and address of both you and your former partner;
  2. A brief history of the relationship;
  3. When you and your former partner began living together;
  4. The date you were married (if applicable);
  5. When you and your former partner separated;
  6. When your former partner might think you separated;
  7. Whether there were any previous periods of separation;
  8. The name and ages of any children;
  9. What parenting arrangements are in place;
  10. Any assets, liabilities and superannuation you or your former partner have;
  11. What contributions you and your former partner made during the relationship;
  12. The respective future needs for you and your former partner.

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