Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators pride ourselves on delivering the best possible legal service for our clients.

I was with Shannon Bodeker from the start of this journey in 2016. She has done above and beyond my expectation throughout and I was pleased with the result which was agreed by both parties in 2018. Circumstances with the other party had changed wherein the other party could be deported and could take the child away from Australia. My case then became what I personally didn’t think would result in my best interest knowing that like most cases of a father fighting to preserve their place in their children’s lives there has been less of a 50% chance for the court to rule in favour of the fathers but Shannon had reassured me and was able to put my mind at ease during an extremely stressful time. I was very lucky to have Shanon Boddeker as my representation with my Family Court Case. Shannon is thorough and tough but she truly cares about her clients and their children. I am especially pleased to say that Shanon was exceptional in her legal knowledge, courtroom presence, appropriately setting my expectations and guiding me through my case. Thank you so much Shannon for everything. – Mr Walker, Fly in fly out Perth Family Law client, March 2022

Shannon Bodeker was a beacon of hope to myself at a time I faced with confusion, doubt, when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a desired resolution seemed impossible. I was worried about loosing my time with my daughter. Shannon got it sorted out after just a couple of conversation exchanges with the other party. Not only was she able to deliver a satisfactory result, her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself.  Shannon’s professionalism has made me feel better about the whole situiation by giving me the assurance I needed through communicating with me via emails and phone calls since I work off shore on an irregular rotation. I am eternally grateful for her service and I hereby recommend Ms Bodeker without reservation. I can’t thank Shannon and the team enough for all they have done for my family and I. – FIFO Father, Child Recovery and Parenting Matters, October 2018 

Shannon did oh so well and I couldn’t speak highly enough of her. I would undoubtedly recommend Bodekers Law Firm. I felt that all staff at Bodekers including the Principal were nothing short of supportive, friendly and helpful and I say that because anything I required was actioned in a very timely manner. Everything that we required Shannon listened to us, we felt heard, we felt supported, we felt that she was acting in our best interests and also very mindful of what was best for the child involved and his right to have time with his father and significant others such as myself and others on the paternal side of the family. Our family has had some difficult days and Shannon and staff have gone the extra distance to ensure we were 1. OK and 2. supported. Shannon was at all times honest and we have found Bodekers Law Firm to be nothing short of reliable, responsible, and effective which was followed by a great outcome for our circumstances. Thankyou Shannon and staff. – Grandmother and Father, Grandparents’ Matters and Parenting Matters, September 2018

I’m so happy that it’s all over and can’t be happier with the results. Words can’t say how much I appreciate all you have done for me and my family. I only hope I can write in words something worthy for all you have done for me. Thanks so much Shannon. – Father, Child Recovery and Parenting Matters, September 2018

I recently sought advice through Bodekers on a child support matter and for future child custody arrangements. Having followed Shannon’s advice, I received the first decision in my favour. I was asked to provide all relevant information for Shannon to pre read before the initial appointment. As I have been through a lengthy family court process including a trial for over 2 years, there were large number of documents that she read before we met. There was no charge for this service and as a result our first appointment was entirely productive and I was delighted to leave with a complete plan. In my opinion, Shannon is an exceptionally dedicated, astute and honest family lawyer. She has extensive experience in family law, child custody and child support and works from the perspective of what is in the best interests of the child. I had left an abusive relationship with a man with a great capacity to manipulate and malign to serve his own needs. The judges decision after trial was 50/ 50 shared care. My ex does not co operate in co parenting our child and continues to divide her life. Shannon pointed out why the past court decisions and processes had failed my child. This was quite major for me as although I knew the past court decisions weren’t protecting my child, I was at a huge loss as to why and how this could have happened. I had felt very disillusioned and greatly unheard as a mother and Shannon has helped me greatly in this area by seeing straight to the heart of the matter. She showed me how we could work towards a better care arrangement that takes my childs needs and wishes into account. I know that I can and will contact Shannon in the future, when issues come up and that she will help me find a positive outcome which relieves me of an enormous burden. – Mother, Child Custody and Parenting Matters, August 2018

We had the best outcome you could ever ask for and Shannon she’s just brilliant all the way through. She’s supportive and made sure she got everything in detail and even though I did get custody of my grandchildren she’s still following me up all the time to keep me in check and keeps me in toe all of the way along. And just being in court with her, she just knows her work and yeah she’s brilliant. Just made sure that everything gets done that should be done. I recommend her to anybody because she’s brilliant, professional and well respected. I cannot say enough about her. I’m just so happy. And all staff as well are also brilliant. – Grandmother, Grandparents’ Matters, May 2018

Shannon was involved in my High Court Appeal in 1998 when she took on my relocation and guardianship case. Shannon was extremely knowledgeable, professional and dedicated throughout the process, and her friendly, approachable and passionate manner made it so much easier to get through. Having Shannon in Canberra for the 7 judge Full Court Appeal was very comforting and I really felt I had a friend and ally with me during what was a difficult time. I will be forever grateful to Shannon for taking on my case and for the excellent job that was done. I would not hesitate to recommend Shannon for any family law matter and representation. Mother, Child Relocation, High Court Case AMS v AIF; AIF v AMS (1999), January 2018

I wish to thank Shannon for all her professional advice and support of our daughter. We all, as a family, are so grateful to Shannon for all she has done for her, we couldn’t have had a more brilliant and exceptional advocate working on her behalf. Thank you Shannon! – Mother, Child Custody, Mediation Representation, December 2017

It can be difficult to place your trust in someone when a relationship with your child is at stake. I had discovered my child had been relocated without my knowledge, my whole world was just turned upside down and my trust in people was understandably at a low point. Thankfully, I chose to place my trust in Shannon, her determination and dedication to my case was never more evidence when receiving a distressed call from myself on a Sunday. By immediately taking action, Shannon worked tirelessly throughout the night to have documents filed with the courts the next day. By trusting Shannon and following her every instruction this FIFO father will be spending Christmas with his little girl. Yes, fathers out there, I’m a mine worker and thanks to Shannon’s 20 years of experience and knowledge of Family Law I now have care of my daughter. Shannon and Team, thank you so much for all your hard work and the standard of documents that were presented to the courts, the outcome could have been so much different, I’m still in shock with the result. I look forward to continuing my association with Shannon Bodekers Family Lawyers and Mediators. – Father, Child Relocation, November 2017

I was unsure as to how to go about everything and Shannon was a good place to start and she helped me feel comfortable and understand what I needed to know. With Shannon’s experience I felt reassured I was in good hands. – Grandmother, Grandparents’ Matters, November 2017

You did such amazing work for me and I am still so grateful for it, my partner and I are now married, and welcomed another little girl last year in June. The girls are thriving, and our four-year-old is loving kindergarten. I just wanted to write you this message to let you know that all that effort paid off enormously… So thank you so much, for fighting for the best interests of my babies. You truly are wonderful. – Mother, Child Custody, October 2017

I absolutely love Shannon because she is real! She didn’t flounder and was very direct. I found her to be very honest. I liked Bodekers because it was small and busy and I didn’t feel like it was one of those typical ‘money making’ organisations. The price for the advice was well worth it; and the support staff are amazing and very accommodating! – Mother, Child Custody, August 2017

I found Shannon very personable, and she understands the area of family law very well with her history in the area. I like that it is a smaller firm that personalises to the individual. Shannon’s delivery to me was very customized to my needs, understanding and capability to execute certain things. The fees that Shannon charges are very reasonable and the preread is fantastic! Shannon understood the matters that were at hand as soon as I walked in the door, and it added personality and a warmer feel to the experience. I think it’s great because everybody is a different person, and is in a different circumstance in regard to finances and their understanding of legal matters. I think it’s a great service, the support staff are amazing and I definitely recommend it. – Mother, Children’s Matters, August 2017

My experience with Bodekers Family Lawyers and Mediators was brilliant. Shannon from the get go highlighted the exact points in my paperwork that would have been quite detrimental to my outcome had they have remained there. She was able to break it down so I could understand the legal lingo and as to why what I had drafted in my paperwork would not have been effective for my situation. I liked the preread because I was able to provide background to my documentation without being charged for showing up to explain it which would have taken 10 days. Because of this, we were able to hit the ground running in my appointment and cut costs. This was very good value for money and didn’t blow the bank account. Shannon was passionate and really took the time to understand my situation and what I wanted as an outcome. Very personal team of staff which was warming, I was made to feel comfortable from my first foot in the door. The office was very easy to find and the parking right out the front was awesome. Hi five go team. – Mother, Child Custody and Property Settlement, July 2017

Really happy with the job that Shannon’s doing and how professional she is. I’m able to leave anything that’s out of my reach in Shannon’s hands as she has the expertise and knowledge to do the job the best way possible. That’s really helpful for me because that takes the stress out of it and I don’t need to worry about how things are going to happen because Shannon knows exactly what she’s doing. – FIFO Dad, Child Custody, July 2017 

I have previously had a lot of lawyers, spent a lot of money, tried to represent myself and I will always find the court system confusing. With Shannon, I always felt I was in good hands and she got me the best outcome I could have wanted for everyone involved; particularly my children.With such a high level of experience, Bodekers is cost effective compared to other firms and the cost structure was very reasonable.During this very emotional time, Shannon went above and beyond her responsibility; she was like a teacher and mentor to me. I learnt more from her than from my previous firms combined; some of which are well known. Shannon taught me how to reduce legal fees, remain cost effective and focused on the priorities as it was very easy to focus on the non-essentials. She has also provided me with a strategy I can rely on in the future that covers me and the rest of my family. This firm has given me piece of mind. Shannon’s team is also amazing. Thank you Shannon! – Mother, Child Custody, July 2017

I had a very positive experience dealing with your firm and always felt reassured I was in good hands. I was particularly impressed with the turn-around time from initial consult to result and the professional and sound advice I received throughout. Chalk n cheese compared to my previous representation. –  Father, Child Custody, June 2017

From the reception to the whole firm, honestly it has been courteous, professional, understanding, compassionate, empathetic all the descriptions you could find to describe really the attitude of the office here and carrying someone at the hardest time of their life with a lifesaving ring. – December 2016

I can still remember the day I walked into Shannon Bodeker’s offices and the sense of reassurance I had knowing I was in the right place. Professional and sensitive to the situation, Shannon provided me with options and detailed information relating to my personal matter. Both yourself and your supporting team have ensured that this experience was a smooth process during a very trying time.– November 2016

I would just like to say a big thank you to you Shannon and your team for helping this process go through so smoothly. I move out this weekend and start living life again, so thank you to you both for making this possible so quickly. – June 2016

Thank you Shannon for all your help in my divorce. I can’t imagine what I would have done without your legal knowledge and emotional support. It was a great help to know that I had a team of experts at my back! – February 2016 

It was my good fortune that I was able to engage Bodekers Family Lawyers & Mediators. They gave me a great deal of confidence that the matter would be handled expertly. I am very happy with the outcome. – December 2015

Just a brief note to say a huge thank you for your absolute professional handling of the proceedings yesterday in court. She is so relieved with the outcome which will now lead to further permanent outcomes of separation and final divorce. She is so relaxed in your presence as she has such trust and confidence in your commitment to her well-being. We both believe you are ‘awesome’ and we are privileged to have you as our lawyer. Thank you again, from very grateful parents. – October 2015

Hi Shannon – I’m sitting here in my room going over my life. Analysing myself. I’ve started a new career & I’m feeling very internally calm and content. I haven’t felt like this in years – since we first met. I’ve been to some low places inside as a man Shannon – places I never thought this man was capable of visiting. I was lost in my pain & I forget how to take stead in the little things – the things that really matter. I forgot how lucky I am. How lucky I am to have been surrounded by not only the people that love me but also the people who were best for me, even when I couldn’t see it. There were times as a client I’m certain I frustrated you Shannon – for this I apologise. I would like to thank you Shannon from the bottom of my heart. You are the best and exactly what I needed – what was required. I’m very sorry for the hour of this message but I’m thinking of you and need to express this now. I believe balance has been achieved and all is as it should be. Yourself, and the team were a huge part of this and we thank you – sincerely. I’ll never forget you Shannon. You will reside in a place in my heart and mind forever. – June 2015